Taco Tuesday.

One fun thing we do is have theme nights for dinner. Taco Tuesday is a favorite around here. Kids love routine, so knowing what they will eat every Tuesday is comforting. I find it so much easier to plan meals and have found I save a lot of money in the grocery store. Instead of buying whatever looks good, I go in with a plan and a list. Anyway, Taco Tuesday is not limited to tacos, it is more of a Mexican-themed night. We started with plain old tacos, to get the kids hooked on the idea (who doesn’t like tacos, right?). Now we do a variety of Mexican themed foods, from taco salad, to fajitas, to fish tacos, and everything in between. It is relatively healthy, especially if we use ground turkey or chicken for our meat. My kids don’t love beans, but will eat them combined with other food.
Last night we had steak soft tacos.
After seeing so many people make carne asada for El Cinco De Mayo, I had steak in my head. Of course I ended up going out to eat with some graduating students, so I didn’t even eat the meal. I just sat with the kids for dinner time. I don’t have a recipe for anything I do on Taco Tuesday. Last night I marinated a london broil for a few hours with lime juice, fajita seasoning and cilantro. I grilled the steak, sliced up peppers, and threw it together with some cheese in a whole wheat soft taco. I usually cook the peppers, but decided to try raw peppers for crunch. The kids voted for raw from now on, and my son even snacked on some peppers after he was done with his tacos. The nice thing about Taco Tuesday is that the food usually takes about 15 minutes to cook, which is helpful because we have baseball and soccer on Tuesdays.

We have other theme nights: Wednesday is pasta night and Friday is Kid’s Choice night. We do vary away from these theme nights occasionally, but they are very versatile, and the kids love the routine.


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