Veggie Victory.

Well, almost. Tonight is Wednesday, so that usually means pasta. To date myself, I remember the “Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day” commercials, so I have always connected Wednesday with pasta. Of course, I am Italian, so I could eat pasta 7 nights a week if allowed. Lately I have been trying to switch in whole wheat pasta, or at least one of those blend pastas that is partially whole wheat, so as to get more whole grains in our diet. My husband doesn’t like the whole wheat pasta, so once in a while I treat us to regular old spaghetti. Spaghetti with meatballs would be my last meal if I had to pick one, especially my Grandma’s sauce and meatballs.

But tonight we focused on practicing a new-for-spring veggie, asparagus. We have had it many times before, but after a long winter, it has to be reintroduced. Always on the hunt for good pasta recipes that use veggies, I used this Cooking Light recipe for pasta with asparagus, pancetta and pine nuts. I substituted whole wheat rigatoni for the pasta, and cooked the pancetta with some shallots in a pan on the stove top, rather than wasting a cookie sheet on the oven.

The great news is that Kyra loved the asparagus.
She ate it all up. Garrett, not so much. But he tried it twice to be sure. I suggested that he eat some melon after dinner so he had another serving of fruit/veggies.

This recipe used one of my tried and true strategies with less attractive (no offense to asparagus, but can you imagine what kids think when they see that thing?) ingredients: include it in a recipe where they really like everything else. In my house everyone will eat pretty much anything served with bacon. So by putting the asparagus in with pasta and pancetta, it is less intimidating. And there is plenty of good food to eat if they hate it.

And I enjoyed my victory while Kyra ate a Hulk popsicle for dessert.


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