Off my high horse…

Just in case by now you are totally annoyed by my self righteous veggie eating family, here is dinner from last night:

Well, it was Kid’s Choice night, and after a beautiful afternoon riding bikes and shooting waterguns with neighbors, another mom and I decided to hit Mickey D’s with the two families. It was a fun time, although it may take our McDonalds a few days to recover from our crew. When we go to fast food, I don’t even bother with trying to have the kids eat healthy (although one of their friends was dipping french fries into the caramel sauce for the apple dippers; not sure what that says about the healthy choices there). We don’t go that often, so I let them enjoy.

It has been unusual week for dinners because we ate at a friend’s house Thursday, last night went out for fast food, and tonight it is Dad’s choice, because I am going to graduation for work. And who knows what that will be….


1 Response to “Off my high horse…”

  1. 1 Jim Pedicano May 17, 2010 at 8:19 am

    good stuff Rachel. We adopted Taco Tuesdays in our house thanks to you – a personal favorite.

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