Back on track.

After several days of meals out, it was nice to all eat at home together. The forecast was good so I decided to grill. We made grilled chicken thighs with this pomegranate-orange marinade, or my rough estimate of it (pomegranate jelly must be the same as molasses, right?). I made tabouleh salad on the side, and some freezer rolls from Whole Foods. Kyra was not having the tabouleh at all, even though she likes all the veggies in it. We made her try a bite, but that was it. Luckily, this avoided a total meltdown, so she ate all her chicken without a problem.

I tried a new dessert from my Cooking Light magazine this month. I don’t bake, so I am always happy to find desserts that I can buy or make without baking. It was a strawberry sorbet pie. Just soften the sorbet, put it in a oreo crumb pie crust from the store, and put some cool whip on top. It was great on a warm day, and very pretty too. We ate it too fast for a photo. I get many of my recipes from Cooking Light. I find most are easy, relatively healthy, and kid-friendly.


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