Fatal error

Tonight I made a fatal error at dinner: I gave Kyra a vanilla milk box before she ate her dinner. I find that kids tend to prefer to drink their calories, and since vanilla milk boxes are a relatively rare treat at dinner time, Kyra downed the whole thing in a second. Then she wasn’t that hungry. She did make a decent effort with our yellow rice and bean salad dinner, but I could tell she really wasn’t hungry.

There was a time where I had to eliminate all beverages at the dinner table. Now we usually have either seltzer (Garrett’s drink of choice) or water, or maybe crystal light lemonade. Juice or milk at dinner becomes a distraction in my house. Kyra drinks plenty of milk in the morning and eats yogurt during the day. Garrett not so much; I am always fighting to get calcium in him. Now that he buys lunch, he drinks milk at school. Too bad it is usually chocolate!

Snacks are the same thing. When your children are babies and toddlers, they need snacks to get through the day. Garrett was a major grazer by age 2, and this made dinner time difficult because he was tired and not hungry. We have cut way back on snacks, and it makes a huge difference in what the kids eat at dinner. But, it was a horrible transition with some seriously grumpy afternoons. Once you get through about a week, they adjust and eat more at meals. They have small snacks at school, but I try to limit the snacks after that. This plan goes out the window on baseball or soccer afternoons, when Kyra has to sit around bored and watch her brother play sports for hours. She usually ends up snacking, although I still try to keep it limited.

Because it is Taco Tuesday, I went with Southwestern-ish recipe for Yellow Rice and Bean salad. I also made mini corn muffins for the side.
I did all this cooking while the kids were at school today, so it was all ready when we got home. The recipe is from the Foster’s Market Cookbook. Foster’s Market is the best little lunch/takeout place in Durham, NC, where I went to college. I am headed back this fall for a mini-reunion, and can’t wait to go to Foster’s.


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