Make Ahead Meals

My work schedule often requires that my children eat dinner before I get home. I try my best to make meals ahead for my babysitter to reheat, rather than leaving her to make the usual mac n cheese out of a box (although occasionally that is what it comes to!). I struggle to find good recipes that can be made ahead, so I welcome any suggestions. My crock pot has helped on this front, and I often do chili’s, baked pasta dishes, or everyone’s favorite, meatballs. This week we did quiche on Monday. My kids love quiche, and I always make two at a time and freeze one. It is a good way to get protein and veggies in for dinner. I use frozen pie crusts to make life easier. I would do quiche a lot more because it is easy and inexpensive, but my husband has something against eggs at dinner time. This also limits our breakfast for dinner options, but when he is out for dinner we sneak that in.

Last night was another late night for me at work, so the kids had a baked potato bar. Before I left for work I baked the potatoes, steamed some broccoli, and put it all in the fridge with lowfat cheddar, and fat free sour cream. I also grabbed a rotisserie chicken breast at the store, in case they wanted more than just potatoes. All the babysitter had to do was reheat the potatoes and let the kids put it all together. I wasn’t here for dinner, but I heard everyone was happy.


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