Kids’ choice.

Weekends are definitely more relaxed for dinner, although Sundays I try to do a nice family dinner. It reminds me of childhood Sunday dinners. Fridays are Kids’ Choice night, which Garrett remembers every Friday around 3pm when we have the following one-sided conversation:
Garrett: Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?
Me: Silent, probably driving/reading email/folding laundry/on the phone.
Garrett: Oh, that’s right, it is Friday. It’s Kids’ Choice.

I love when I don’t have to answer my kids. But I digress.

This Friday the kids chose Dora the Explorer soup, chicken nuggets, and green beans. Well, they didn’t exactly choose green beans. I require a vegetable with Kids’ Choice night, so they selected the green beans. I keep a stash of frozen vegetables around for nights like Friday when I enjoy minimal planning and cooking.

We don’t go out to dinner that often, maybe a few times a month. It is enough, because I enjoy cooking and it saves us some money to stay home. Tonight I wanted to go out rather than cook, so we went to Tennesee’s BBQ for a casual, messy and delicious meal. We had ribs, mac v. cheese, greens, fries, chicken, corn bread — the whole mess. It was fun and easy after a busy day of sports and birthday parties.


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