Changing tastes.

Sunday night I made sesame noodles and dumplings. I buy chicken dumplings from Trader Joe’s, which are relatively healthy and easy to keep in the freezer and make whenever. Dumplings are Garrett’s favorite food, so they always go over well. But, in a perfect example of a child’s fickle tastes, Garrett decided he didn’t like sesame noodles on Sunday. I swear about two weeks ago I made sesame noodles and he liked them. The lesson is to just keep trying, because all tastes change back and forth. We talk about this a lot as a way to encourage kids to try food repeatedly. I didn’t eat any fish growing up, and now love it. I like to tell the kids about that so they are encouraged that tastes can change.

I didn’t follow a specific recipe for the sesame noodles, but I put in a lot of vegetables along with the whole wheat spaghetti. I use matchstick carrots, shredded red cabbage, and green onions. It keeps really well, and my husband has enjoyed it for lunch at work the past two days. I also forgot to take a picture, so you will have to use your imagination.


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