Wrong ingredients…or not?

More simple tonight. I had planned to make a pesto sauce from my basil plant for pasta, but I ran around like crazy all day today doing errands, so I had no time to prep before dinner time. I was tired from a late night at work and book club, so by the time dinner arrived, I had no energy to get out the Cuisinart. So I made a very simple, sort of deconstructed pesto. All I did was saute garlic in olive oil, add baby spinach to wilt, throw in some tomatoes and fresh basil. I toasted pine nuts, added those, some parmesan cheese, and white wine. Toss it all with whole wheat rotini and you are done.

I thought it was delicious. Garrett informed me that he likes every vegetable except spinach and tomatoes. Oops. On the other hand, Kyra informed me that she loves spinach. Awesome. Can they agree on anything?


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