Guy Food.

The wheels just keep turning, as June whizzes by all of us. I haven’t posted in a few days because we were at various school activities for dinner, then out of town for my nephew’s birthday, and this is my last week of night class, so I haven’t been home all week at night. Anyway, we are still eating. I am happy to report my children both turned down chicken nuggets and fries for Grandma’s lasagna while we were in NJ. And had salad and green beans.

Anyway, my younger brother is in town so we are having guy food this week. Monday was meatball subs with carrot sticks on the side. Tuesday was, of course, Taco Tuesday. I stuck with regular old tacos, although I used ground turkey, because what 20 year old guy doesn’t like tacos? As you can see, I also stuck with raw red peppers on the side, since the kids do so much better with raw than cooked.

This raised a fascinating conversation with Kyra, my 3YO, who told me she ate all her red peppers because she really likes peppers now, although she didn’t when she was just a baby. Everything before today was when Kyra was a baby, according to her.

Tonight I made a fresh corn salad and grilled some chicken with BBQ sauce before I left for class. The salad is from a Barefoot Contessa recipe, and is really, really easy. I haven’t heard yet how it all went down at home with the guy, the two kids and the babysitter. And later my husband, of course.

I, of course, went to UBurger to celebrate the last day of class. Or at least that was my excuse. If you live in the Boston area and haven’t been to UBurger yet, get yourself there fast.


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