A Bigger Fish.

Last night I made us salmon with a chimichurra sauce vaguely inspired by this recipe. The kids ate so much fish that I had to tell them no to seconds and thirds because I had to save some for my husband when he got home from work. Everyone told me I need to buy a HUGE fish next time. I love making fish because the kids love it, and it cooks so very fast. I would make it more often, except I like to eat it within a day or two of buying, and I don’t go to the store enough. The recipe suggested a charred rice dish on the side. I used brown rice, zucchini, onion and shallots. It was really delicious, although the kids don’t love zucchini. I would try it again with other veggies though- just use premade rice and throw it in with the sauteed veggies. Not exactly fried rice, but that idea.

Tonight was Taco Tuesday. Kyra asked whether everyone in the world was eating tacos tonight. They really should be. Tonight we had tostadas with chicken, corn and onion. I used this Cooking Light recipe, but without the zucchini (see hatred of zucchini, above). I am not a glutton for punishment.


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