Last Supper.

Tonight was our last meal as a family for a while. School’s out for summer (!) and I am taking the kids to my parents’ place in New York for some grandparent time and tourist activity in NYC. Marc made it home for dinner so we could all eat together, since he will be staying behind to go to work. I had the most insane day ever trying to squeeze in chores and errands on my last kid-free day for a while, so dinner was simple. I grilled shrimp and chicken, and then made a Greek salad. When we took our honeymoon in Greece, we were surprised to realize that Greek salads in Greece don’t have lettuce. (At least the salads we ate.) We have maintained that tradition here.

I usually make up a marinade for my shrimp. I usually use some combo of soy sauce, lime and garlic. Sometimes OJ too. I love grilled shrimp, and if I had more time would make a dipping sauce.

Kyra announced that she has changed her mind and now doesn’t like shrimp. Mind you, a few weeks ago she ate about ten shrimp for dinner. But I guess it is a girl’s prerogative to change her mind.

Not sure if I will blog much while I am traveling, but I will keep note of all our dinners and catch you up when we return.


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