Appetizer Night.

I stole this idea from an old friend, who was serving soup and deviled eggs to her kids the other day when I saw her. I love appetizers. Often when we eat out we order appetizers for the kids rather than kids meals. I can’t stand kids’ meals for the most part. I am no health nut, but they are insultingly unhealthy and boring and poorly prepared. The appetizers have a great variety of foods to offer the kids without paying for a huge adult serving of food. So, stealing the idea from my friend, we decided to do appetizers for dinner tonight. I bought pre-made crabcakes from Whole Foods. I can make my own, but by the time I buy the crab I might as well pay for the labor to be done by the store.
Then I made a bruschetta pizza – I used rolled out and baked pizza dough, threw on some fresh mozzarella and baked it some more. Then I served it with a salad of tomatoes, red onion, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, on top. It was really delicious.

Lastly, I had some carrot sticks and let Garrett pick out a dip at Whole Foods. He picked gorgonzola cheese dip.

I suspect we will be doing appetizer night again. Lots of happy faces tonight after dinner.


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