Dinner failure tonight. The idea was good, but it somehow went really bad. Following the success of appetizer night, coupled with the need to clean out the freezer (this may be the source of my failure, more on that later), I decided to do kebab night. I did shrimp and pineapple kebabs and chicken kebabs, and made an asian dipping sauce. Sounds good, right?

Doesn’t look bad either:

But it tasted bad!! Something was very, very wrong with my shrimp. I grilled everything, and I grill shrimp often, so I don’t really know what exactly went wrong. But the shrimp were kind of mealy and mushy and gross. The chicken was fine, but after the yucky shrimp in my mouth, I was kind of freaked by the whole thing. On the upside, we all ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, because we had a lot of pineapple, which was good, and I had also put out edamame, which is pretty much all Kyra ate. I am praying it was just poorly grilled shrimp, or it may be an unpleasant day tomorrow if we all get food poisoning from rotten shrimp.

My very kind and supportive husband assured me that I shouldn’t get upset by a failure of a dinner, because it is rare around here. He said I am entitled to a “mulligan,” whatever that is. So I decided to make up for things with beer and ice cream after dinner. Sigh.


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