Make it pretty.

My food is definitely more about taste than looks. But I do believe that looks matter to kids when it comes to food. Ironically looks matter very little to kids in other ways. I think my daughter looks in the mirror at most once a week. She is more about feeling her outfit or hair than looking at it. Garrett still thinks that any two blues match, just as any two greens match.

Tonight I was making a simple meal of turkey burgers and a salad. I bought a pineapple this weekend at the store, so I decided to cut that up too. Instead of my usual messy chop, I made it pretty with the top in the middle of the plate and slices all around it. By most standards it was a pathetic attempt, but the kids were thrilled.

A dinner like this is in the details. I caramelized an onion with a little butter and balsamic vinegar for the top of the turkey burgers. Just that simple thing turned a boring meal into a delicious one.

How are we doing on our health kick? Well, we had fruit and salad to balance out the butter in the onions. Not too bad by our standards.


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