Oh My God/OMG.

OMG. We are all stuffed from a week’s vacation. I haven’t cooked a meal in 8 days. But we certainly all ate well. So, rather than blog about what I cooked, I will blog about our restaurants.

First, last Saturday we celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday with a luncheon at Sam’s in White Plains. Sam’s has been around forever, but I don’t remember the food being that good. We had a family-style meal, so the kids ate antipasto platters (cheeses, meats, roasted vegetables- for those of you that didn’t grow up in an Italian household), and calamari for an appetizer. Then came a salad course; then three entrees to choose from. Both kids had salmon, which was really good with a maple glaze. Birthday cake concluded the celebration. Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Then we were off to DC. I have lived in DC a couple times, including a summer in college and law school. I love it there, so I was happy to share it with my kids. There are lots of great places to eat, but we had to control ourselves a bit so we didn’t spend a fortune every night. Here are a few of the places we loved:
Zaytina: Top Chef fans- Mike from a few seasons ago is the chef here. I first visited last summer when I was in DC with my Duke girls. Our meal this time around was just as delicious, but a little less pleasant thanks to our overtired, stubborn, and charmingly obnoxious almost 4 year old. The food is Greek and Turkish, and all “small plates,” meaning you can try lots of different food. My favorite way to eat. We had tabbouleh, sausages, lamb chops, feta and red pepper spread, and lots of other delicious fun. You absolutely MUST go there.

Clydes: Clydes is a Georgetown standby. American food. Good burgers and crab cakes. Crab cakes are really good in DC because of the Maryland crab. Georgetown is a great neighborhood, and we were lucky enough to see two of my college roommates and their families for dinner. The service was slow, although it may just have seemed slow because we were a party of 6 kids under 6 and 6 adults. We scared off several other tables before we were through. Good times.

Bistro D’Oc: After I picked dinner two nights in a row, Marc got to pick one. He comes from a French family, so he always picks French. This Bistro is across from Ford’s Theater, and is easy to miss. The food was delicious, and the service great. Marc almost kissed the chef on the way out because he was so happy eating cheese plate, pate, and duck. The kids shared those appetizers and my gazpacho with crab (yum!). They had croque monsieur sandwiches for their entrees, which were a big hit.

Gordon Biersch: Our last night the kids picked the brewery in our hotel. The beer was really good, especially on a hot night. Garrett made the best choice with the wings. The garlic fries were good too. I would say stick to the appetizers and beer here; the other food was fine, but nothing exciting.

Then we were off to visit my in-laws in Richmond, VA. We went out to eat in the Bass Pro Shops restaurant, because we had been walking around that amazing store for fun. Kyra had the alligator. Seriously.


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