Hello Mr. Pretzel M&M. Nice to meet you.

Well, I told you it wouldn’t last. I had to go to BJ’s for seltzer and other bulk items, and if there is someone who can get through BJ’s only buying off their list, I would like to meet that person. Please contact me ASAP. I buzzed through the candy aisle, purportedly to look for goody-bag candy for Kyra’s birthday party, and our eyes met. Mr. Pretzel M&M, in all his glory, on the XXL blue bag.

So, freed from my health kick, I asked Kyra what she wanted for her birthday dinner. Less you think both my kids are foodies, you can relax because she asked for mac and cheese. I think she meant the kind out of the box, but I felt guilty making that for her birthday dinner. We usually go out, but my husband had to work, so I made a real baked mac and cheese. I could do the backstroke through real mac and cheese, so I was happy. Made some peas on the side.

It was a stunningly poor day of nutrition, because guilt-ridden Daddy went out for donuts, served with 4 candles, before Kyra woke up.

Maybe tomorrow Mr. Pretzel M&M will go home to BJ’s.


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