All Done.

Last week was my daughter’s birthday, and somehow the festivities stretched out for an entire week. We had family come up to visit for the weekend, and between visitors and the birthday party we had yesterday, I think I went to the grocery store every day last week. I didn’t even cook that much, but I had to order deli trays and cakes, buy food for the one meal I cooked, and buy a lot of beverages for the hot days. At this point I am pretty sick of the whole planning and shopping thing, but I forced myself to sit down last night and plan meals for this week. So today I am back to the store again. Ugh. Hopefully I won’t need to go more than once this week, because I planned dinners through Friday.

The one meal I did cook for my sister and her kids, my parents and my brother, was a simple grilled dinner. I made an orzo salad before everyone arrived. I like to roast my veggies for orzo salad because it gives them a richer flavor. This time I roasted zucchini, red onion, red peppers and tomatoes. Just toss them with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. My oven has a convection roast setting that does veggies in about 20 minutes, which is great. I made the orzo, cooled it, and then put in the veggies. My dressing was simple- olive oil, grey poupon mustard, vinegar, and herbs de provence mix. Everyone loved the salad just like that. I sometimes like to add toasted pine nuts and feta or goat cheese.

In addition to the salad we grilled salmon, steaks (my dad doesn’t eat any fish), and hot dogs (for the kids). I made this really delicious lime butter sauce for the fish, although my dad used it on his steak as well. I got the recipe from a new app on my iPhone from Epicurious. It is a great app because it will make shopping lists for you from the recipes you choose, and it is all accessible on your phone in the store. The lime butter sauce is just what it sounds like — you blend garlic, salt, pepper, and lime juice together. Then blend in melted butter. It was certainly not healthy (lots of butter!!!), but it smelled and tasted really good on fish. My kids each had the salmon, and Kyra even asked for seconds. Then they split a hot dog too. It is nice that they like “grownup” food as well as kid food like hot dogs.

OK, time to make the dreaded trip to the grocery store.


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