A Couple New Dinners.

Last week I picked up a Cooking Light 5 Ingredient recipe magazine. I don’t buy magazines off the rack often, but I had a credit at Barnes and Noble that I had to use the same day. I read off of a Kindle, so I couldn’t buy a book. Alas, some new recipes worked their way into a week otherwise overwhelmed with stress (buying a new house) and leftovers (still from last weekend).

Tuesday was Taco Tuesday, of course. I made slow cooker pork carnita tacos with chimichurri sauce. I hadn’t used my slow cooker in a while, but it is always really easy. Basically you brown a pork loin roast, then throw it in the slow cooker with some chicken broth for 8 hours on low. I put in some fajita seasoning as well. Then when it is done you shred it with two forks. The chimichurri sauce is basically garlic, parsley, vinegar and shallots blended. My blender appears to be dying, so I didn’t get a fine chop, so there were some serious lumps of garlic. Anyway, throw the pork in a whole wheat tortilla and put the sauce on top. It tasted really, really good. Garrett loved it and had two tacos. Kyra loved the pork, but thought the sauce was way too spicy. The recipe said sour cream was optional, but I think it would have been helpful in calming the spice for the kids.

Last night I made pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches. I got the idea from the same magazine, although I didn’t follow a recipe. I cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken. I shredded that into small pieces, mixed it with some BBQ sauce, and put it on a bun. It was really easy but very tasty. Sandwiches are easy for kids, no cutting, no utensils, so it is a good way for them to eat. I stole a recipe from my mother-in-law for a good summer salad: avocado, corn off the cob, and tomatoes. I mixed in lime juice and a teeny bit of olive oil. It was very refreshing and a nice way to get a lot of veggies into the kids. They both finished all their salad.

I am looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend, but I haven’t a clue what we will eat. I am going out tonight, so the kids and Marc will be on their own. Sometimes it is nice to have a break.


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