Sunday Dinner.

Growing up, our dinner on Sunday was always a little bit special. Just more time and care put into the meal, and often we would have extended family over. We don’t live near any family now, but I still like to make Sunday dinner something my family looks forward to.
The kids have been asking for clams for weeks. I am fairly sure Kyra didn’t know what she was asking for, but was just copying her brother. This is especially true since she decided she doesn’t like clams while eating tonight. Anyway, I made spaghetti with white clam sauce for dinner. The rest of us lapped it up. I could eat pasta every night, and clam sauce is just so easy and yum. Salad on the side, to try to get a few veggies in. Here is how I make my sauce:

– saute chopped garlic in olive oil.
– throw in clams
– pour in a lot of white wine
– cover pot
– once the clams open, let the sauce boil down a bit, throw in fresh herbs (I had basil and parsley, but whatever you have is good) and a big pat of butter.
– toss in cooked spaghetti in the sauce, and let it cook for about a minute. Make sure you make your pasta extra al dente so it can cook the last minute in the sauce.

Only important tip is only cook with a wine you will drink. I will drink anything, so that is easy for me.

Going back to my rules for a moment, I mentioned that Kyra decided she didn’t like clams. We did ask her to try one, and she did willingly. When she said it was “too chewy” we said fine, and left her alone. She then happily ate the spaghetti with the sauce on it, as well as her salad. If we pushed her to eat more, or let her get away with just saying no, we would have had a battle on our hands and dinner would have sucked. It doesn’t always work out that easily, but it is nice to avoid as many food battles as you can. Trust me, we have enough other battles to fight with our charming 4-year-old.


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