You never know.

This masterpiece was our pizza tonight. Pesto sauce, arugula, proscuitto, and fontina cheese. I was actually a little nervous about this one- my kids aren’t great with greens, and arugula is spicy, which we all know is the kiss of death for Kyra. Surprise, surprise, Kyra was picking the arugula off the pizza and dangling it over her mouth as she ate it joyfully. Part of the success was that once baked with the cheese and pesto, the arugula mellows and wilts. But it wasn’t like the kids didn’t notice it; they noticed it and liked it. Once I realized this, I spent some time talking to them about this new ingredient, making a joke out of the silly name of the vegetable, and discussing how it tastes different when it is cooked. The beauty of introducing a new ingredient in a kid-friendly way like a pizza, and playing it up AFTER they eat it (never before, they will get scared and run away), is that the kids will be so much more willing to try it again. And it makes a pizza seem almost healthy if it has arugula on it.


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