Greens kick.

Haven’t blogged in a bit because we were away again. We celebrated our 10th (!) wedding anniversary with a night in NYC. Better yet, we left our kids with my parents. They all had a great day and night, and Marc and I had a relaxing day and an AMAZING meal at Tom Colicchio’s latest restaurant, Colicchio & Sons. Everyone go there, it is fantastic.

Anyway, we did return on Sunday and were back to reality, meaning I was back to cooking. After our arugula victory I have been on a greens kick. Much to Garrett’s chagrin, I have been putting greens into almost everything. Sunday night we had risotto with turkey bacon, a greens mix (arugula, baby spinach and radicchio), and mushrooms. We all like risotto, and I find it easy because I can put everything (veggie, protein) into one dish.

Tonight we had salmon burgers. I have blogged about these before, and they continue to be easy and delicious. Tonight the greens kick meant I made a salad on the side with the greens mix that I put in the risotto on Sunday. I also threw in some green onions and cucumbers. I put the salad on top of the burger, and it was really a nice combination. The kids are consistently good at eating salmon. Kyra is a deconstructionist, so she just eats the burger (but insists that it is served on a roll, just because she is a diva). Garrett eats it all as served. Salmon burger eating as personality type. I could write an entire blog just about that.

This evening I need wine. Everyone is driving me crazy and I have 29 days until they are back in school. Not that I am counting.


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