I think I am unusual in that I love my job. Not just, “I like what I do,” but if I won a zillion dollars I would still show up at work without fail. I love having a reason to get dressed up nicely, I love the split second of silence when I breeze into a classroom, I love seeing students waving their hands in the air to participate, I love seeing former students in the hallway and having them hug me like a long-lost friend. And more.

And so, I faced this summer, my first summer completely off from work since I was home on maternity leave with Garrett, with some trepidation. But the weeks passed, and we had some fun, and I didn’t lose my mind. We went on a few vacations, spent a lot of time in NY with my family, played with friends, and most of all spent a lot of time together. We have reached, however, the turning point in the summer. Camp is over, vacations are over, the pool no longer holds much allure, and we are all bored. Yesterday Kyra asked me how many days are left until she goes back to school. And I miss my beloved job. I am sure come November when I am swimming in a sea of papers and exams to grade, I will sing a different tune. But for now we are all in need of a little structure, a little stimulation, and some contact with people who are not related to us.

Why am I ranting about our late summer boredom on my food blog? Well, our boredom has rubbed off on our food. We have all been eating well, but there is nothing interesting to say about our meals at all. Last night, salmon and corn salad. Night before, spaghetti with meatballs. Night before, kid’s choice had Kyra eating peanut butter and honey. For dinner, a peanut butter sandwich. It can’t get more boring.

So, we are in desperate need of a kick start. Any ideas?


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