One Pot.

Before we had kids, the deal was that I cooked, Marc cleaned. Of course, back then, we ate together when we got home from work at some ungodly hour, like 9pm on a good night. (Never work at a big law firm, but if you do, marry someone who works at a big consulting firm, so you will both work like beasts and it will seem normal). Now, as I have mentioned before, I eat early with the kids on most nights, and Marc reheats a plate when he gets home (no longer at an ungodly hour, but still later than a 4-year-old can wait to eat). The greatest downside to this plan is that now I both cook AND clean. Which brings me to tonight’s dinner….

Minimizing pots and pans is now important to me. I have a nightly struggle between making good food and using too many dishes to clean. OK, maybe “struggle” is stretching it, but I hate dishes. So tonight’s dinner was a victory because I made it all in one pot, and it was delicious. It was tortellini with shrimp and asparagus. I adapted it from this recipe for gnocchi in Cooking Light this month. I couldn’t find gnocchi at my store, and I was too lazy to make fresh pesto, so I just cooked the tortellini and asparagus in boiling water, drained, and tossed with the cooked shrimp and pesto sauce. I wish I had some lemons in the house, but I used them all last night when we had tilapia. If you have lemons, squeeze in some juice.

Garrett doesn’t like asparagus, but it was thin and in the sauce, so he ate a fair amount of it with some encouragement. Kyra liked it all, and didn’t fall off her chair, spill her drink, yell at me, or ask to be done after one bite. That is pretty much the threshold we are working from these days. When does school start again?


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