My culinary imagination has been tested for the last week. Last Wednesday I had an awful gum surgery that rendered me incapable of eating much more than jello for a couple days. Now I am back to food, but it has to be soft. Yes, I am ancient.

So, we have been eating A LOT of pasta. Thankfully, given my Italian roots, I could eat it every night. I think my poor husband is going to become a caveman if I don’t give him a piece of steak soon, but my one dinner rule holds true for everyone. We have had meatball subs (I skipped the sub part), pasta puttanesca, Japanese dumplings, and last night we had risotto. I think some of the meals turned out well, but eating has lacked its usual joy for me, so it is hard to say.

Last night I tried a new idea for a risotto that I read in my Cooking Light magazine. Basically, you make a plain risotto (I always start with chopped onions and use broth with the rice), and then you top it with raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves. Then you drizzle a balsamic reduction on top. It is kind of like combining your risotto with your caprese salad. Marc and I liked it a lot; the kids were lukewarm. Garrett doesn’t like raw tomatoes, and Kyra was generally lukewarm about everything. Actually, lukewarm is a good word to describe us lately. We are relaxed, and doing fun things, but everything is a little dull during these last days of summer.


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