Baby it’s cold outside.

The mornings and nights are really chilly these days. Although it warms up during the days, the days of warm weather food are over. I knew that we would be out later today because of an appointment at school, so I needed a make-ahead meal. I decided to use up some leftover roasted chicken for a soup. I prepped it yesterday, left it in the crockpot to cook all day, and then finished it off easily tonight.

My version of chicken soup is very easy, and full of vegetables. I had onions, celery and carrots in the house, so that is what went into the soup. I have been known to throw lots of other veggies in, so use whatever you and your kids like. I have the fancy slow cooker with the stovetop insert, and I must say I love it. I softened the onions using the insert on the stove, with some olive oil. Then I added shredded leftover roasted chicken. I threw in the rest of the vegetables, some broth, some water, and some seasonings. That all slow cooked while we were at work and school today. When I got home I threw some ditalini (little tubes) pasta in for about 15 minutes to cook in the soup. In a perfect world I would have thrown in some nice parmesan cheese at the end.

I happened to have some nice Italian bread in the freezer, so I warmed that up too. Kyra really likes to dip things in her food, so bread in soup is a big hit. Although I love grilled food and salad, it is nice to get back to warm comfort foods.


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