One Pot, One Dinner.

There is nothing better than a dinner you make with only one pot. Unless you are my husband, who kindly pointed out that a no-pot dinner would be better.

Anyway, tonight we went back to a recipe we have enjoyed in the past from Cooking Light: risotto with bacon, spinach and mushrooms. I no longer follow the recipe, but use a rough approximation of the flavors. Tonight I cooked chopped turkey bacon in the pan, added onion and mushrooms. Once that was all browned up, I put it in a separate bowl while I made the risotto. When the risotto was almost done I added a combination of arugula and baby spinach to wilt. I added back in the bacon/mushroom combo. Lastly, I served the risotto with fresh parsley and grated parmesan cheese. It is all very fast and we get most of the food groups right in one pot.

The kids were grumpy at dinner tonight; Kyra mentioned each part of the dinner individually as something she didn’t want to eat. We ignored her. Garrett wouldn’t stop talking back and kicking Marc under the table. Peace and harmony are so rare at the table. At least the food tasted good, and clean up was fast.


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