Soup’s On.

It is officially cold and dark here. On my work days I drop my kids off in the dark, and pick them up in the dark at the end of the day. To attempt to break out of my seasonal depression, I made soup on Monday. This is the easiest soup in the universe, and it was delicious and filling. Filling is important, because my husband’s main complaint about soup for dinner is that he doesn’t feel full after eating.

Here is what I did: I had some (raw) kale frozen from earlier leftovers. It actually worked out well because I could crumble it into smaller pieces while frozen, then throw it in the pot. I sauteed the kale with some diced carrots and garlic. Then I threw in a combination of chicken and beef broth. This sounds gross, but I didn’t have enough of one or the other, so I used both. It tasted like lighter beef broth, if that makes any sense. Once that was boiling, I put in fresh tortellini. I happened to have leftover turkey meatballs, so I put those in too. Done.

My kids love tortellini, so once they saw that, they were thrilled to eat carrots and kale galore. I find soups are a great way to get vegetables into our diet. The vegetables are less intimidating in soup, and if the kids like the noodles they tend to disregard what else is in there. On a cold night, try a quick soup for your family.


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