Dinner in a container.

Last night we had stuffed peppers. This is a pretty common item in my repertoire, but I was inspired by the blog Eat Like Me on Self Magazine’s website, who recently featured a recipe for stuffed peppers. The appeal for me is an all inclusive dinner- everything you need for a well-rounded meal is neatly packaged in the pepper. This makes it fun for kids as well, because you know how packaging is everything for those buggers.

The other nice thing about stuffed peppers is flexibility: you can use whatever you have in the house for vegetables or protein. I browned up ground meat (miraculously the organic ground beef was on sale this week, so I used that) with some garlic and Italian spice mix. I was limited in fresh vegetables, so I just used a can of tomatoes with the meat, and combined that with brown rice. On other occasions I have used ground turkey or chicken; I have used mushrooms, shredded carrots, and onions as well. Stuff your peppers with that mix. I topped the peppers with ketchup this time, which is what she did in Eat Like Me, and I thought the kids would like it. I prefer bread crumbs on top, but that is a little more work. Final step is baking the stuffed peppers. I boiled my cleaned out peppers for a few minutes before I made my rice, so I was able to just put the peppers into the oven. If I don’t pre-boil I usually throw some water in around the bottom of the peppers.

Stuffed peppers are time consuming, so it is definitely a weekend meal for us. The kids really enjoyed eating the stuffing out of the peppers like bowls, but then surprised me by wanting us to cut up the peppers for them to eat. I need to look for more edible container recipes.


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