Happy New Year!!!

At least I have an excuse for my failure to blog in a month. My children were inflicted with the most evil virus on the planet in mid-December. Actually, they got sick on the day we were supposed to host about 60 people for a holiday party. Awesome. So we canceled the party, cleaned up puke, hunkered down for 12 days in a row of children writhing in pain from stomach cramps, and my husband and I ate cookies and appetizers three meals a day. Some very smart doctor should isolate this virus and use it to eradicate terrorists from the earth. In the midst of the writhing I dragged both kids to work multiple times so I could give and grade three final exams. Two days before the second kid fully recovered, my in-laws arrived. It also happened to be Christmas Eve. So, by the miracle of Christmas, everyone was well in time for visits by grandparents, Santa, more grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and three cousins, in that order. And I cleaned, cooked, cleaned, cooked, wrapped, cleaned, and cooked some more.

I told you I had a good excuse.

But, it is a new year, we will NOT get sick again, and I don’t have class again for a few weeks. So I am back to feeding everyone with some level of enthusiasm. We kicked off the new year with a recipe I had saved from the Boston Globe Sunday Suppers section for tandoori drumsticks. It has really only been since I moved to Boston that I started eating Indian food, but I am fairly obsessed at this point. I could eat it almost daily, but I am intimidated by the sauces and spices.

This recipe is really pseudo-Indian, but very delicious. I made the drumsticks and the cucumber salad, and added some rice. It is not a quick meal to make; you have to drag out a food processor or blender, make the marinade, and then roast the drumsticks, basting once or twice with the marinade. But it was totally worth it. The nice thing about the recipe is that the food is very approachable, yet exposes the kids to new flavors. Most kids will eat chicken, especially drumsticks, and cucumbers are fairly innocuous as well. My kids loved it all, except the red onion in the salad. They can’t stand raw onion. The recipe is also fairly affordable, except if you don’t already have all the spices. Now that I bought them all I am motivated to make more Indian-inspired food.

The recipe came with a partner recipe using the extra drumsticks. I am going to try that later in the week, so I will report back on how that one goes.


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