Comfort Food.

I must have been cold when I planned this week’s menu, because it is almost all comfort food. Sunday night I made comfort food of my childhood: the Casserole. My mom must have fed us casseroles several times a week. There is something about emptying out the refrigerator and throwing some cheese on it that says “Home” to me. I try to be a little bit more sophisticated than we were in the 1970’s, so I used a shrimp and orzo casserole recipe that I found in the Boston Globe.

I followed the recipe for the most part, which had me make a tomato sauce, toss in the shrimp, and then layer that all on top of orzo. Top with feta cheese and bake. But after all that work I thought it would not be a detriment to just use a jar of sauce rather than making your own. That would save some time and make the recipe more manageable.

The family was somewhat lukewarm on the casserole, which I paired with a nice green salad. I am trying to make more salads this year. We all like them; even Kyra no longer rejects lettuce on arrival, and salads are such a good way to deliver veggies. I loved the casserole because I find orzo super comforting — my grandfather used to make it for me with chicken broth and butter when I was a kid. Amazing how food can evoke such memories.

Tonight I simply roasted a chicken and made some broccolini on the side. Normally this would be a weekend meal, but I was home all day doing house chores, so it was easy to pop in the oven. Best part of a roaster is the leftovers, so stay tuned for some soup.


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