OK I lied.

Last week we had a lot of chicken. It just turned out that way, what with meals made with extras and the like. So I promised Garrett no chicken this week.

Then I looked at my calendar for today, and realized my meal plan was Chicken Saltimbocca. Garrett was pretty mad, but when he tasted it he came around. This recipe was on the cover of Cooking Light for this month. It looked so lovely I had to try it. Let’s be honest, can anything wrapped in proscuitto taste bad? I made it with the suggested side of angel hair pasta, and steamed baby spinach as well. The sauce was amazing, and so easy.

This meal was very popular with the kids, yet sophisticated. My kids love all pig products: bacon, proscuitto, pork chops, sausage, you name it. They would struggle keeping kosher. Kyra loves spinach, and what little girl doesn’t want to eat something called angel hair? Despite a nice sauce, “weird looking green thing” sage, and spinach, the bulk of this meal is a plain chicken breast. Using the familiar in a fancy way is a good way to incorporate new flavors into your child’s palate.


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