I am still not back to class, so while I enjoy my extended “vacation” I am trying out some new recipes. Here are a few that were good in the last week:

Italian Beef Stew:
Courtesy of Cooking Light, I adapted this recipe to make in my slow cooker. I did have to put it on to thicken on the stove by boiling it down right before I served it. Otherwise it worked in the slow cooker and was very delicious. Perfect cold weather food. I put it over couscous and served a salad as well.

Mexican Lasagna:
OK, I have skipped a lot of Tuesdays, but this week for Taco Tuesday I decided to go back to Mexican. Rachael Ray’s recipe was delicious and very easy. I prepped it all ahead of time, and reheated with extra cheese on top when we got home from basketball. Made it with a salad on the side as well.

Pork Fried Rice:
This one I just made up. Well, riffed off of regular fried rice. I added lots of carrots, celery and scallions to the pork, scrambled egg and brown rice. Sliced oranges on the side. Kyra said, “I love this dinner.”

Flank Steak:
I like flank steak. It is affordable, tasty, and easy to make. I always marinate mine, and this week I did it with Asian flavors – teriyaki sauce, soy and lime. Then we had edamame and rice on the side. I sliced oranges on the side of that too.


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