We all make chicken a lot, don’t you think? It is healthy and easy to find. So I am always looking for new twists on the same old chicken breasts. Last night we had chicken with a maple-mustard sauce. It was really easy and fast, and flavorful. Here is the recipe. I didn’t have dill, so I skipped that. I also used shallots instead of red onions. It is amazing how much flavor you can get from a little orange zest. If you don’t have one, buy a zester. I use mine all the time.

As you can see, I made a simple side of orzo and peas. I try to really load in the peas so we get a lot of veggies. I make my orzo in broth so it has flavor, although with the sauce from the chicken it was probably unnecessary for this recipe. I probably could have added a salad on the side as well, but I was too lazy. So much for my resolution of trying to add more salads to our meals.

The kids did have fruit after dinner as well. I try hard to stick to my one dessert and no more food after dinner rule. It forces them to eat well at dinner, and it tends to lead them to eat another serving of fruit after dinner if they are still hungry.


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