Tonight I had a meltdown. Not a total, epic, yell, scream, and cry meltdown. But a meltdown all the same. Target: that charming 4.5 year old girl that lives with me. We have been in sickville for the last 2 weeks; first Garrett had a fever for 6 days, then Kyra had a fever for 6 days (they only overlapped by a day. Isn’t that offensive? it would be more helpful if they planned their illnesses to overlap). So dinner has been a lame afterthought around here for a while. And the charming little girl hasn’t eaten much. And good habits are so easy to break in kids.

So, here we were at dinner tonight. I made beef with broccoli and rice. Usually Asian-themed meals are a big hit around here, but maybe, just maybe, I was a little heavy on the sriacha sauce. So it was a teeny bit spicy. But still totally delicious. At the very least, it was more than edible.

Nonetheless, Kyra, after downing her half of fourth glass of milk for the day, spilled the remainder. Now, I know I am not supposed to cry over spilled milk, blah blah blah, but I was irritated. She had refused to eat her rather kid-friendly cheese and cracker lunch, and for about the 6th day in a row had done nothing but drink so far in the day. So I got mad. I told her there would be NO MORE DRINKS EVER and threw her cup in the sink. Then I told her she had to eat every bite of her meal.

So, in about 10 seconds, I broke pretty much every rule I have about dinner: force feeding, yelling, allowing her to drink before she eats, and probably 4 other things. I sucked tonight at dinner. And Kyra cried. But, my little girl is my little girl, so that stubborn and headstrong creature sat there and shoveled that meal in her mouth. And thanked me for the meal when she was done.

Have I done permanent psychological damage?


1 Response to “Meltdown.”

  1. 1 Sandra February 24, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    I LOVE that she thanked you for the meal!

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