Like a sleeping dragon.

Do NOT wake up a sleeping 4 year old. I know I already knew this, but we had to eat early tonight because her brother had a baseball practice (Yes, it is February, but we suburban over-educated parents like to push our children, so they practice baseball all year round. He will thank me when he makes the Red Sox.) Anyway, I had laid down on the couch for a quick snuggle this afternoon, and lo and behold, Little Miss passed out. Cold. This is, of course, what happens when you keep a 4 year old out until 9:30 at night at her brother’s hockey game birthday party.

So, we tried to get her up and to the dining room table. She basically rolled over, and immediately started bawling. We tried to let her have some time to get herself together, but she said no. We gave her a lovely plate of beef stew, made lovingly in the slow cooker today. She cried. She ate one bite. She cried some more.

And I got the giggles. I couldn’t help it. It was that or cry with her. Dinner has SUCKED lately, and it is just so silly. Well, Little Miss was not happy being laughed at. I tried to blame Marc and say he was making funny faces, but she didn’t buy it. She took one more bite, cried some more, pausing only to ask for dessert. I laughed, she cried, we sent her to her room. She screamed. And cried. We laughed.

Then she asked to be released. We let her out. And I made a critical decision: I gave in. Yes, I always cave, which explains her behavior. I will regret it when she is on Teen Mom in 12 years (GOD FORBID!!). But in the meantime, I decided life is too short. So I got out the desserts, turned on E!’s Oscar Pre-Show, poured some wine and chocolate milk, we baked a cake for her brother’s birthday and we looked at the pretty dresses on TV.

Tomorrow, dinner.


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