The Ying to my Yang.

One of the best things about having two children is how they rarely present the same challenges. For everything about one that is impossible and exhausting, the other makes it easy and painless. They also flip flop in terms of being the high maintenance child in the family. For the first year of Kyra’s life I spent every waking moment whispering to her murmurs of gratitude for the fact that she was the easiest baby in the world, since her toddler brother was sending me to the edge of insanity. They have since changed positions every few months in who is testing me more. Only on really bad days do they both piss me off.

In terms of dinner, since he was about three years old and we started making only One Dinner, Garrett has been a champion eater. He eats everything except bananas and spinach, and I mean everything. And a lot of it. Without a single complaint. Actually, most of the time he compliments me on my cooking. He wants to be a restaurant critic when he grows up, after his professional sports career is over. I worship him for this quality, especially lately as his sister is testing me.

So, when it was his birthday and he asked for an “unusual” (his word) combination of food for dinner, I made it for him. Without a complaint. Here is a visual on our Japanese dumpling, turkey meatball in red sauce, and salad meal:

And just to prove me wrong, his sister ate her entire dinner. With a smile.


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