Thank you Paula Dean.

Last Friday I hijacked the television (meaning I actually got to choose a show) and we watched Paula on the Food Network. Paula and her son were making tilapia with lime zest and almond rice pilaf. It was so easy, and Kyra was won over by the rather large pat of butter that they put on the fish before baking. Truly that child would eat a stick of butter if it was socially acceptable.

I recreated it without looking at the recipe; it was that easy. Fish, salt, pepper, lime zest, butter. Bake about 12-15 minutes. Pilaf was equally easy, and involved equally fabulous amounts of butter. I roasted asparagus on the side because it is sort of spring, so I wanted it. The kids were not wowed by the asparagus, until I told them it makes your pee smell weird. Then they ate it happily.

Listen, we moms do what it takes.


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