Last weekend I was planning our week’s menu on the first day of spring. I was also slightly hung-over and completely exhausted from attending a wedding in NYC (complete with a nearly-topless bride and a male Lady Gaga impersonator, but that is a story for another blog), so in a fit of exhaustion/headache/optimism, I decided it would be cute to make pasta primavera this week. After all, primavera means spring.

Then I saw the weather forecast.

For those of you that aren’t living in the Northeast, it is cold again. As in 30 degrees cold. And it is snowing tonight. As in snow that can be shoveled. As in my kids are still wearing boots and snowpants everywhere but to bed.


Pasta primavera is not disgusting, however. And it is a great meal for families because you can have something for everyone. Tonight I sauteed onion, garlic, carrots, asparagus, and zucchini, then threw in a touch of cream and parmy. Made tortellini as the pasta. Everyone liked something, everyone didn’t like something, and it was fine. And good.

Not disgusting.

Spring. One day it will be here for real. Of course by then I will be grilling and eating watermelon.


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