Thanksgiving in March.

One of my strategies for taking the stress and agony out of feeding my kids is to make dinner an event. I do this in lots of ways, from decorating my table (thank you, Hallmark mom), to playing music, to listing the dinner menu on a blackboard daily, to theme nights. By taking the focus away from the struggle over what the kids will eat, it makes dinner about more than the food. This weekend we had Thanksgiving in March. I drew a pathetic turkey on my chalkboard in the kitchen, and the kids were excited all day.

Now, I am more Rachael Ray than Martha Stewart, so Thanksgiving in March was a streamlined affair. I roasted a boneless turkey breast, made Stove Top stuffing (I know, the real stuff is so much better, but Stove Top is so classic), roasted carrots instead of my usual souffle, bought cranberry sauce in a can and gravy. We even ate in the dining room and made a fire in the fireplace. Everyone ate happily, although Kyra really only ate the turkey and cranberry sauce. I am questioning whether she is truly an American citizen since she doesn’t like stuffing, but she ate a ton of turkey so I can’t complain. The whole thing didn’t take much more work than a regular dinner (the turkey takes a while to roast, but you can just stick it in the oven and ignore), but it was much more fun.

Now if only it can stop feeling like late Thanksgiving outside, and warm up, we can move on to BBQ.


1 Response to “Thanksgiving in March.”

  1. 1 kkjchang March 30, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Genius! No shame in Stove Top, my friend.

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