White. Or maybe beige.

Sometimes I do not know what I am thinking when I plan my menus for the week. Take, for example, tonight’s feast. It was all beige and white: breaded pork chops, apple sauce, and smashed potatoes. In my defense, pork chops and apple sauce go together like, well, like pork chops and apple sauce. And my potatoes were little red ones before they were smashed. But it all came out white and beige, and rather unappetizing to the eye. I didn’t bother with the photo because it looked so ugly.

Luckily for me, my kids could care less, and my husband loves all foods beige. Of course that is because he loves fried foods, but his miracle cholesterol level and weight are a topic for another blog. The more fries he eats, the LOWER his cholesterol gets, and the skinnier he gets. Injustice at its finest.

Back to the white and beige food. The pig is beloved around here, in all its forms; so the pork chops were eaten happily. And everyone loves apple sauce. I dip my pork into the apple sauce, but the kids thought that was gross. What kids don’t want to dip? Try your kids with this meal, because I thought for sure the dipping would be pivotal.

And here is the kicker: they both hated the smashed potatoes. Didn’t eat more than their required one bite. If I hadn’t pushed both of them into the world (sans drugs for one, I might add), I would think they were foreigners adopted into this land. Because what kind of American doesn’t eat (s)mashed potatoes?


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