I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t cooked for my kids in a while. Because I have been in the strangest two weeks I have had since 2004 – I was kidless. Not for two whole weeks, but for several days in back-to-back weeks. The first week was school vacation week. The kids were off, but like many people in this world, I had to work. The challenge with my job is that you can’t take a vacation day. There is no such thing. We make up for it by a month at Christmas and summers off, so I am not complaining. But school vacation weeks are a constant struggle.

I must have been tired from shoveling and chipping ice earlier in the winter, so I called my mom and asked her if she would watch the kids the three days I had to work during April school vacation. She can’t say no (and is a great mom), so she said yes. She preferred to do it at her house, so we made a plan: I would drive the kids down, stay one night, then return home without them. She would watch them for the next four days, and then Marc and I would go down for the Easter weekend. It all went swimmingly: my mother is a champ with kids, Kyra was bought excessive gifts at the American Girl store, and Garrett got to eat 10,000 meals at nice restaurants, including two meals at Legal Seafood in one day (it was Good Friday, after all). And we got to work to our heart’s content, and eat out without our kids. I cooked one night, but just steaks on the grill.

We returned Easter night, exhausted, with a dog that had eaten 3 chocolate bunnies, foil wrapper and all. Cue induced vomiting. Then Marc got a stomach virus. Then I did. Which means that I didn’t make anything good for dinner for a few days.

Believe it or not, just three days after our return from New York, Marc and I were off again. Marc had a conference, so we somehow convinced my in-laws to fly up and watch our kids for 4 days so I could join him. In Vegas, baby!! I swear I missed my kids a lot, and was bummed out by the timing of the whole thing. But it was a great trip, nice to have some alone time with my husband, and we ate some amazing food. Garrett cried when we came home and showed him the tasting menus we had at B&B Ristorante (Mario Batale’s place at the Venetian). He was mad we never take him “anywhere nice.” Have I mentioned he ate at Legal Seafood twice in one day?

So after ALL of that, we were finally home and I was ready to be back to dinner with my kids. Have I mentioned I missed them? It was warm, so I decided to go with a salad. It was kind of a cross between a Cobb and a Chef Salad. Really, who knows the difference anyway?

Here is what it looked like:

I crammed a lot into one salad: arugula, romaine, hard-boiled egg, bacon, salami, red peppers, carrots, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, and cucumbers. The kids ate it happily, and were pleased to select their favorite things from the salad, as I decided not to toss. Sometimes a different presentation makes the food more appealing. We discussed adding a salad night to our schedule this summer. We’ll see; that is a lot of chopping.


1 Response to “Kidless.”

  1. 1 aunt donna May 12, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    That is a truly beautiful salad Rachel

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