Looks aren’t everything.

Most of my food is pretty ugly. I am not a presentation person, I am a taste person. This, in my mind, is related to my lack of skills in the dessert course. All that precision and measuring and neatly chopping to make things pretty. Not me.

I guess I was motivated by my lovely Mother’s Day’s cooking ban, so tonight’s dinner was completely contrary to my usual style. I planned for a chicken pot pie, but decided I should turn them into individual pies because it would be prettier. Cue Jaws disaster music. I used the hour I should have used to get a manicure today to make the filling, and it was delicious. Pulled out my mini casserole dishes, and realized I only had two. Oops. There are four of us. OK, I will make a small pie for each kid, and then use the medium sized dish for the rest, which Marc and I will share. This would have been fine, but I only had one pie crust defrosted (as if I would make my own). That only fit the two small pies, and those looked good. Or as good as they will in my kitchen. Who are those women that decorate with pie dough? I pulled the other pie crust out of the freezer. The box clearly indicated that to defrost I should leave the crust out for 60-90 minutes. It is 5 o’clock, I don’t have 90 minutes. Plus the other pies are ready to go in the oven. So despite the very clear label: DO NOT PUT FROZEN CRUST IN MICROWAVE, I put the frozen crust in the microwave. It gets all weird; I roll it out in an ugly way, throw it on top of the pie. It doesn’t really fit, but I put it all in the oven.

Here are the kids first trying their pretty pies:

Don’t they look happy about those pretty pies? Well, it didn’t last. One lesson you can learn from me tonight is that pot pies are freaking hot when they come out of the oven. Even the pretty pies are hot. Kyra dropped it on her legs, cried, but was not burned, just upset. Perhaps if she sat like a normal person in the chair she wouldn’t drop food. I got annoyed, and wondered aloud, “When will I eat dinner without someone crying, spilling, not liking foods, dropping food, being attacked by the dog, or fighting with her brother? Why can’t we just eat in peace?” Garrett “the world is on my shoulders” Spooner then felt guilty, and started apologizing. For what, I don’t know.

And you know what, my husband came home and declared the pot pie “the best one he had ever eaten.” I knew I married that man for a reason.

Oh, this isn’t over yet. In an effort to conquer all my cooking failures in one night, I not only tried to make my food pretty, I also made dessert. I can blame my next door neighbor for this one. We live in this amazing ‘hood where kids literally just run back and forth between our houses like it is 1950. So last week my neighbor made an icebox cake, something out of pudding and graham crackers and homemade whipped cream. My kids were running around and ended up in her kitchen eating her cake. I haven’t stopped hearing about it since. Don’t worry, I didn’t attempt a real dessert, I just made a lame version of it, using a store bought graham cracker pie crust, making chocolate pudding, and throwing Cool Whip on top.

Everyone loved it, although Garrett was careful to remind me that my whipped cream was not homemade. And it was homemade in Mrs. Potter’s icebox cake.

Tomorrow I am going back to ugly food and candy bars for dessert.


1 Response to “Looks aren’t everything.”

  1. 1 aunt donna May 12, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    did u try aunt betsy’s suggestion?

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