Ding Dong.

I will do almost anything to get my kids to eat dinner. Today we bought a bell. Now I get to ring it when dinner is ready. I am irrationally excited about the bell. And don’t worry, I have stashed it up high and made clear that only those that make a meal are allowed to touch it.

Tonight’s bell tolled for pork tenderloin and orzo and roasted vegetable salad. The pork loin was one of those prepackaged with marinade things. I bought mine at BJ’s for about nothing, and it was delicious and ridiculously easy. I plan to use the second half of it to make pulled pork sandwiches later in the week.

The salad was roasted red, yellow and orange peppers, purple onions, and carrots. Lots of color and flavor when you roast. Toss with orzo and olive oil and some seasoning. I happened to have fresh chives around, so I snipped those in. I added goat cheese, which was great for me and Marc, but the kids hated it. Which is strange, since they love it when we have it on bread or crackers. Really, it is impossible to predict what your kids will like, so you truly have to keep trying.

I can’t wait to ring the bell again.


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