A little treat.

Shopping for dinner is the hardest part for me. Like most people, especially working moms, I don’t have time or energy to go to multiple stores to stock my house. But ideally I would: BJ’s for quantity, Whole Foods for produce, Trader Joe’s for snacks, and Stop ‘n Shop for everyday groceries. Instead, in a good week I go to Stop ‘n Shop and do a big shopping of everything, and I am always a little disappointed in the fish and produce. In a bad week I go to our local store down the street, Donelan’s, about 7 times and buy what I need for that day. Totally inefficient and expensive.

I need to go to BJ’s, our local warehouse store, once in a while to buy napkins, paper towel, and toilet paper. I try to avoid it, only because I can’t buy everything I need for groceries there, and I can’t stand the second stop. But then my friend told me about two things she just bought at BJ’s: Mario Batale raviolis and Cia Bella Key Lime Gelato Sandwiches. Hello BJ’s! I was there in about 48 hours. That store has a ton of good stuff if you have time to peruse, so I was able to buy a bunch of things to stock the freezer and cupboards.

Which brings me to Sunday night dinner: filet mignon on the grill. They were so inexpensive at BJ’s, and really good. I rarely splurge on expensive cuts of steak because we aren’t picky around here about those things, but those steaks were delicious.

As you can see, we had corn on the cob to go with it. Kyra goes straight for the corn and eats every freaking kernel before she will look at anything else on the plate. And my little food snob, Garrett, enjoyed the tenderness of the steak.

They don’t care for potatoes, which is strange and unnatural and raises a lot of questions about paternity because their dad is a potato man, so I made bruschetta on the side. It is an opportunity to fit in a few more veggies (tomatoes and shallots in our case, but you can use almost anything), and who doesn’t like grilled bread?

The lessons are always the same: keep trying the same foods — Garrett insisted that he hated steak for about two years; incorporate veggies whenever you can, especially with fun and familiar food, like bread, on pizza, in pasta, or anywhere else your kids will be less intimidated.  My kids would turn their noses at a plate of chopped tomatoes, but on grilled bread it was a hit.

And to think it all began with a trip to BJ’s. I need to get there more often.


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