Can food be a hobby?

I have no hobbies. Either do my parents. I don’t think my siblings have hobbies either. At one point in the roaring 80’s my father played squash. He was on his way to making partner at a big law firm in NY. Having been on the same track, different city, lifetimes ago, I can relate to the need to smash something hard. He gave that up; probably once he made partner and no longer needed to smash things.

When my husband and I first started dating, his parents, who are hobbyists in the extreme, asked what I was like. He was non-responsive as only a twenty-year-old male can be. They followed up with asking what my hobbies were. Poor Marc had to admit he was dating a girl with no hobbies. My kind, hobbyist in-laws literally didn’t believe him.

But alas, I still have no hobbies. This issue has reared its head again recently, as we met with a financial advisor that asked us such deep philosophical questions as, “Where do you see yourself in fifteen years? When do you want to retire?” Let me tell you something: people without hobbies do not retire. I love my job and really don’t ever want to retire, at least not until I have grandkids. But the discussion forced the issue of me finding some hobbies. I suggested to my husband that food is my hobby. I love to cook, read cookbooks and cooking magazines, watch cooking shows, and eat. I even blog about food! (Thank you, readers, for granting some legitimacy to my lame hobby.)

My mom’s hobby was food. To the point that she went ahead and opened a restaurant. Alas, then it was a job, not a hobby. My parents and grandparents all loved cooking and eating; when I think of it, my best friends growing up all loved food. Italian, Irish, Macrobiotic, Jewish, we had it all. Gather round the table, grab a chicken cutlet, laugh, love. So I thought my affection for food was not a hobby, just normal.

Then I moved away, and met people for whom food is merely fuel. And people for whom food is evil. All these people who didn’t love to cook, who ate really boring food. So now I know that food is a hobby. Food it my hobby.

Tonight my hobby was manifested by roasting a marinated pork loin to perfection (400 for first twenty minutes, 375 for remaining hour, it makes for a brown crust and moist inside), making homemade pesto from basil from my garden, and tossing haricot verts (skinny green beans), yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, and grape tomatoes, in that pesto, slicing a baguette, and putting out lovely cheeses. And I must say, I loved my hobby tonight. As did my kids: Kyra called the pork “chicken” and ate it all up; Garrett had seconds of green bean salad and declared it a “great dinner.” Maybe their hobby will be food too.


2 Responses to “Can food be a hobby?”

  1. 1 thespooners July 9, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I definitely think that food can be a hobby, especially when it is something you love! 🙂 Miss you guys, hope to see you all again very soon!

  2. 2 kkjchang July 28, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Yes, food is a hobby! I love my food hobby, but like most hobbies, I dont get enough time to enjoy it. You can retire and pursue your food hobby, think: cooking school in France, Italy, China. yum….

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