Waste not…

I throw away a lot of food. It is the sad reality of my method of feeding my kids: I put everything on their plate, and although they must try everything, they often don’t like it. Or don’t love it. So they eat only one or two bites, and then focus on something else. I do feel bad throwing away all this food, but it has made my kids feel less pressure than those that must belong to the “clean plater” club. And it spares me from making ten different meals every night.

Some nights, though, I won’t throw anything away. Like nights when I serve lobster ravioli. Anything with lobster is not getting thrown away in this house. Kyra, who must be adopted, didn’t like her ravioli filling, so she had three bites and announced that was it. She knew that she wasn’t getting dessert with such a lame effort, so she went to town on her corn salad, which was compliments of my lovely friend who made such a big batch that she had enough to share. Friends that make part of your dinner are really good friends to have. Especially when it is your daughter’s only source of nutrition that night. Unless butter from the ravioli counts.

So I had to eat not only my lobster ravioli, but Kyra’s too. How sad for me.

In case you think I am crazy, I didn’t make the ravioli. Legal Seafoods did, and I bought it at BJ’s in a double pack for $4.99. They are ringing up wrong this week, because they are marked $9.99. So you might want to stock up.


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