Two things that I am passionate about are food and writing. Ahem, food blog. I find that both food and writing are improved by following the time-honored rule: Keep It Simple Stupid.

We have all heard this before, right? Its first virtue is that you get to call your student/reader/friend/mother stupid. That is always fun. Second, what isn’t better when it is easier? I taught writing to law students for many years. Now I predominantly teach undergraduates, and although it isn’t officially what I am supposed to be teaching them, I try to sneak in writing instruction. I find that most people, especially adult people, write like assholes. This is frustrating to me, because the key to good writing is to write simply. Aside from the spelling errors and all the backwards letters, my seven-year-old’s essays communicate information more effectively than most college student papers I read. Not because Garrett is a genius (of course he is, although we think he is more inclined to math genius), but because he doesn’t feel like he has to write complicated sentences and use long fancy words. Because he doesn’t know any fancy words. Anyway, you read his essay, you know what happened. You read most adult writing, and you have no idea.

Before I digress on a tirade about writing, let me get back to food. KISS works for food too. Although I love sauces, garnishes, and condiments, simple food is always delicious. When you complicate, it gets risky. Our dinner on Monday night was a perfect example of KISS. I bought some nice sockeye salmon. All I did was sprinkle it with a touch of olive oil, sea salt, and lemon. On the side we had french rolls and steamed corn on the cob. It was delicious, healthy, and every family member ate every bite. The other advantage of simplicity is that it takes almost no time to prepare.

You do not need many words, nor many ingredients. Stupid.


1 Response to “K.I.S.S.”

  1. 1 kkjchang July 28, 2011 at 11:38 am

    L.O.V.E. it. Although, I swear you are talking to me about the writing…

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