Soupy September?

I can’t remember what the sun looks like. All it does is rain, which has led to first day of school pictures like this:

Oh, and it is about 60 degrees. So today was a soup day. I love soup. My husband will sigh when he comes home and soup is for dinner. But he will like it once he eats it. We have been down this road 100 times, but he still sighs. And then likes the soup.

Tonight I made a new recipe, Corn and Bacon chowder with shrimp. It was really delicious and easy. I have a hand blender that makes soup-making a lot easier. I find kitchen toys can motivate you to cook a greater variety of foods. The kids both liked the soup. My kids like shrimp, but you could really add any protein to this recipe and it would be good. Although it has cream and bacon (I used turkey bacon), I always feel good about serving soup because you can squeeze in a lot of vegetables.

On the side, we had Texas Toast (made from a package in the freezer). Texas Toast has no redeeming nutritional value, but my son has been asking me for it for weeks. If it will get the kids excited about a meal, add a random side dish.

Are we moving on from grilling and salads to crock pots and soup? I hope not. The sun is supposed to return tomorrow, or so said Annie.


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