Fall Back … otherwise known as the longest day of the year.

Any parent will tell you that children get screwed up royally by Daylight Savings. I swear my children adjusted easier when we flew to Las Vegas and changed time zones than when we simply move our clocks back an hour. First, try explaining that concept to a kid. My kids are relatively smart (if I do say so myself), and they were epically confused when we tried to explain that although their clocks said 7:00 p.m. when we told them to go to bed, it was really 8:00 p.m., BUT in the morning they must not move a muscle until at least 6:00 a.m. on their clocks. Yes, I said 6. My kids’ worst quality overall is their early riser status. It has improved slightly over the years (from 5:30 to 6:30/7 if we are lucky), but when I talk to parents whose kids sleep until 9 a.m. I want to punch them. Yes, I mean you. And don’t tell me to keep my kids up later, because that just makes them get up earlier. And did you think I didn’t think of that idea?

Alas, we were all up at exactly 6 this morning. It is now 5:48 and I already made and ate dinner because this day is endless. We have hours until bed time. Never mind that it was dark when the Patriots/Giants game started. In light (no pun intended!) of the dark, endless day, I needed a warm, comforting meal. So we had mini-meatloafs and parmesan crusted potatoes (sweet and plain).

I think I have blogged about my mini-meatloafs before; they are a great way to get kids excited about a food they have had before. And they cook faster than a whole loaf, which is a perk. I tried the Paula Deen classic meatloaf recipe, and it was really delicious. Moist, flavorful, and comforting. The potatoes were a Thanksgiving recipe from October’s Cooking Light Magazine. I really liked these potatoes; they were crunchy and fun to eat. The kids liked them too. Marc is a purist with potatoes: he only really loves french fries. Weird man doesn’t care for mashed potatoes. I figured that the sweet potatoes counted as a healthy veggie, so I ended things there. I am trying to simplify my life a bit, and making 2 things for dinner rather than my traditional 3 (protein, veggie, starch), is both healthier and easier.

I hope you all enjoy the light tomorrow morning. At least we will be back to school and work, so the day won’t be endless.


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